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Givafree X'Mas Contest - HDTV, PS3, iPod Touch, Wii, Cash

Givafree, a network that has given away over $75,000 in gifts to it's delighted members, has launched it's BEST contest... EVER!!! Presenting "Christmas Bag 2007"...

Givafree - Christmas Bag 2007 - Freebie Contest
Christmas is about a month away and people, like yourself, need (and perhaps deserve?) gifts! That is why the Givafree Network has been very generous with this contest, making it VERY EASY to win.

Any member who signs up to this site before the contest end date (stated below) and participates in just ONE NON CREDIT CARD offer (like a 2-5 minute survey), gets you 1 entry to win amazing gifts. And I really mean AMAZING gifts, worth over $1,500!!!

First Prize: Samsung HDTV 32" + 80GB Playstation 3 Motostorm Pack + Yamaha Home Theater 5.1
Second Prize: iPod Touch
Third Prize: Nintendo Wii

If you don't want those prizes, you can always choose the cash equivalent of...

First Prize: $1000 USD
Second Prize: $300 USD
Third Prize: $200 USD

The contest ends on December 23th 23:59pm. The 3 winners will be randomly drawn from a "hat" the next day and will be broadcast via video. It will be posted here, so don't forget to check back.

Some of these offers take some time to get credit. So, get started right now! Please look at the crediting guide at the bottom of this page for tips to guarantee credit. Sign up to Givafree, then do an offer. Remember, NONE of them require a credit card, so there is no need for concern.

Just in case you forget about this freebie contest or need any help I might send an email. Reply back to it if you need help (or post a comment after this post).

The current good crediting offers are (ranked in order of how popular it is and how well it credits):
  1. Winning Surveys: EXCLUSIVE - Nissan Titan
  2. Guaranteed Cash Rewards
  3. BabytoBee
  4. 10K Scholarship
  5. BestPrizeCenter - Motorola Razor
  7. Women Work From Home
  8. GameVance Download
  9. Generous Genie - Win a Plasma TV!
  10. Global Survey Group
  11. Winning Surveys - Eating Out Poll ($1500 Gift Card)
  12. BigBuck Surveys - $20 Gift Card
  13. What She Has To Say - Pink iPod
  14. BigBuck Surveys - iPhone
  15. American Laser Center - Submit first page only!

The winner: